"Sthiram Sukham Asanam"

The Sanskrit word “Yoga” means union. In Hatha Yoga, this means the union of the Body, Mind and Spirit. It harmonizes body, mind and spirit through the control and regulation of Prana, the vital energy which makes us alive. The Yogic Postures called “Asanas” are designed to develop physical, mental and spiritual faculties.

Asanas make the body flexible and stronger through regular practice. You need to hold a posture for a comfortable period of time to derive the maximum benefit. Continuous practice of asanas helps to purify body and mind and makes it lighter. Practice of Asanas help to improve the immunity system and keeps diseases away. It actually retards the aging process and keeps you younger. It helps to regulate the circulation and increase the efficiency of internal organs.

This is a time tested ancient system of self discipline, which was revealed to The Yogis in deep meditation and handed over verbally time to time. The first yogi who compiled this knowledge is Pathanjali. He wrote it down in capsule form known as “Sutras”. This is considered one of the authentic texts in yogic philosophy.


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